CHARGES AND PAYMENT Conditions                      

1. Payment for Travel Services is either processed by us or affiliates part of our corporate group (in cooperation with our payment service provider(s) who supply the payment processing functionality), or by the Service Provider. All payment information belonging to our customers is encrypted in a secure server when shared with our payment service provider(s).

2. Depending on booking criteria and added services, the payment may be split into two separate transactions, one charge from us and another one from the Service Provider. You will not be charged more than the actual total price displayed on our site. The same security measures are applied.

3. In order for us to be able to process your payment, You need to ensure that there are sufficient funds available. In the event of any problem arising related to the processing of your payment, We will retry the processing of your payment in cooperation with our payment service provider(s). Should this not result in a fulfilled withdrawal of funds from You, We will contact You as soon as possible for instructions on other means of payment. Should We not receive your payment after such further instructions, your outstanding payment will be referred to a debt collection company.

If there are reasons for us to suspect that fraud is being committed, We reserve the right to refuse processing of such payment. Legitimization of Payment may be demanded if a crime is suspected. All types of payment fraud will be reported to the police.